Estate Planning & Administration

The Shagin Law Group LLC can assist you with a full range of services in the area of personal estate planning.

We will meet with you to discuss your situation and the most efficient way to achieve your goals while keeping inheritance and estate taxes to a minimum. During a consultation with an Estate Planning attorney, your needs will be assessed as to the legal documents you may need to effectuate an appropriate estate plan. These may include the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, living wills, revocable living trusts, and other forms of trust documents.

In addition, if you are called upon to act as a personal representative (executor or trustee) of another person’s estate, we can also advise you on the myriad of responsibilities that you must undertake in the administration of an estate, and assist you in your duties, including the preparation of estate accounts, inheritance and federal estate tax returns, and other documents. We have assisted in the Estate Administration of complicated and costly estates, as well as the basic estate in most of the surrounding counties where our office is located.

Our fee for most estate planning services, such as the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, and trust documents, are based on set fixed fees. You can check our current fees by calling our office. Complicated matters which involve extensive documentation and other services may involve hourly fees. This can be determined at the time of your first consultation.