The Shagin Law Group LLC has developed
a comprehensive immigration practice.


The Shagin Law Group LLC has been representing clients in affirmative applications before the USCIS and defensive asylum, withholding and Convention Against Torture cases before the immigration courts for a quarter of a century. We have represented clients from over 70 countries that involved all aspects of fear-based relief. These have included claims of persecution on account of nationality, religion, race, political opinion, and membership in particular groups.

Detained Aliens

We represent detained aliens both in seeking bail and when that is not feasible, obtaining relief while detained. The principal, but not only prisons in Pennsylvania for holding aliens subject to removal are York County Prison in which there are three immigration courts, the Berks Family Detention Center (where unaccompanied children and minors who are being detained with their mothers),the Clinton County Jail; the Snyder County Jail and Pike County Prison. Additionally, those sentenced to state prison terms are held in the Camp Hill and Coal Township Correctional Institutions and those held for federal offenses are held in the numerous facilities in Allenwood.

Removal Proceedings

Our firm has represented aliens in removal proceedings employing the full panoply of relief and defenses available. These include cases under the Convention Against Torture, Withholding of Removal; LPR Cancellation of Removal; Non-LPR Cancellation of Removal; 212(c) relief; adjustment of status with a variety of waivers; VAWA Relief; U Visas for victims of crimes; T-Visas for persons who were trafficked into the United States as well as reinstating non-immigrant visas.

Criminal Defense Assistance

We assist criminal defense attorneys in explaining the immigration consequences of any criminal conviction and will issue written opinions with our analysis.

Employment Based Visas

We represent a variety of private companies, medical facilities, colleges, non-profit service centers, agricultural concerns, food processing plants and entertainment companies in their efforts to bring in foreign workers whether full time in an advanced skill capacity or for temporary or seasonal work. We have assisted our clients in having their employees enter the United States with the full range of non-immigrant visas as well as obtaining EB-1 through EB-5 based permanent residency.


We will assist employers in evaluating the adequacy of their I-9 files to ensure compliance with the government regulations.

Students and Colleges

We assist students in planning their post graduate careers and assist them in transitioning from student to other non-immigrant or immigrant statuses.

Family Based Immigration

Immigration based on family relationships – -spouse, parent, child, son or daughter, and siblings – – is a major portion of our practice.


Naturalization is the process for becoming a United States Citizen is another important part of our practice.

Immigration Litigation in the Federal Courts

We have filed numerous habeas corpus and mandamus petitions for our clients as well as petitions for review from the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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