Pennsylvania Lawyer Magazine (2016)

Who Belongs and Who Doesn’t: The Concept of Nationality in Provincial Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Lawyer Magazine (2016)

The Fame of a Witch: The curious case of Margaret Mattson and Yeshro Hendrickson

Immigration Blog (2015)

Moones Mellouli & The Unholy Relic: Why a Generic Paraphernalia Conviction Under State Law Should not be A Deportable Offense

The Federal Lawyer (2013)

Deporting Our Troops

Pennsylvania Lawyer Magazine (2012)

More than Just a Law Practice: The Challenges, frustrations, and rewards of an immigration practice

Pa Lawyer Magazine (2012)

Reason in a Time of Revenge: The Curious Trials pf Treason after the British Occupation of Philadelphia

17 Widener L.J.245 (2007)

Deporting Private Ryan: The Less Than Honoarable Condition of the Noncitizen in the United States Armed Forces

Gecko Books (2006)

Preparing for a Spousal Adjustment Interview

PBI: Statutory Drafting (Including But Not Limited To…”) (2000)

The Political Causes and Consequences of The Pennsylvania General Assembly’s Failure to Complete Consolidation

2 Widener Journal of Public Law 555 (1993)

Pennsylvania’s Tax Increment Financing Act: The Quest for a Workable Mechanism for Local Communities to Finance Urban and Industrial Redevelopment

25 Villanova Law Review 160 (1979)

Note: Constitutional Law-Contract Clause-Minnesota’s Pension Plan Act Violates the Contract Clause: Allied Structural Steel v. Spannaus

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